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Pet Cremation in Newport Beach


When our beloved pets pass on, it’s difficult to know how best to honor their memory. Some pet owners choose to bury their animals on their own land or in their yard, while others would like different options that still provide them a physical object to hold onto. When you have a pet put to sleep, it’s common to be offered the chance to keep their remains after cremation. But what happens if your pet passes away naturally in their sleep on their own? Not all owners are aware that there are still pet cremation options in Newport Beach available to them.





Whether to Keep Remains

Beyond choosing whether to get your pet cremated or not, you can also choose if you want to keep their remains afterward. Some pet owners want to keep the ashes in an urn for remembering their beloved companion. Others, however, would struggle to move on after the death of a pet and may need to choose to have them scattered by themselves or others. Remember that you can always choose to have the memories of a furry friend preserved through other items, like a paw print in clay or a portrait. Veterinarians who provide pet cremation services in Newport Beach can often offer advice on the best way to go about celebrating your pet’s life.



Types of Pet Cremation Available in Newport Beach

Not all pet cremation is quite the same. There are a few options available for owners to choose from when saying goodbye. Communal cremation generally refers to a set of animals whose remains are combined in the process, which partitioned cremation allows individual remains to be returned to the owner. Depending on how you wish to proceed with your pet’s remains after their passing, you can select whichever option works best for your family. Many pet owners don’t mind the mingling of their pets remains, and it seems to be the thought that counts. Others can’t stand the thought of it, and highly prefer the private and partitioned cremation.



If you have any questions about pet cremation in the Newport Beach area, please feel free to reach out to us at A Pet’s Farewell.


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