Saying Goodbye

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to finally say goodbye to your pet, our veterinarian will help walk you through the process so that you know what to expect.

In Home Euthanasia means that they get to spend their final moments relaxed in their home surrounded by loved ones.


Our doctor will meet your cat or dog and talk with you about the procedure. At this point, we’ll answer any questions you may have. Some people prefer to know as much as they can about the process, while others do better with less information. We suggest having your little companion on their favorite spot in a well-loved room. This helps ease their anxiety and provides a warm and comforting environment for their passing.


We don’t want your pet to be in any discomfort or feel any stress during the process. The doctor will give a sedative to your pet that will put him or her into a comfortable rest before proceeding.


After your pet is sedated, and you are ready, the doctor will administer the euthanasia solution. They’ll listen to your dog or cat’s heart and will let you know when he or she has passed. This is a peaceful, painless process for your pet.

Fees for In-Home Euthanasia

In Home Euthanasia with No Cremation 

Small Cats and Dogs 0-49 lbs$425.00
Medium Dogs 50-99 lbs$450.00
Large Dogs 100-124 lbs$475.00
Extra Large Dogs 125-149 lbs$500.00
Giant Dogs >150 lbsPlease Call

In Home Euthanasia with Communal Cremation

Also referred to as “general” or “group” cremation. Communal Cremation means that your pet will be cremated along with other pets and the cremated remains will not be returned to you. The remains will be spread at sea off the local coast. For an additional $65 you have the option of receiving a custom clay paw print of your pet with communal cremation.
Small Cats and Dogs 0-49 lbs$600.00
Medium Dogs 50-99 lbs$675.00
Large Dogs 100-124 lbs$750.00
Extra Large Dogs 125-149 lbs$850.00
Giant Dogs >150 lbsPlease Call

In Home Euthanasia with Individual Cremation

In individual cremation, your pet is cremated with other pets in the same cremation unit, but they are completely partitioned and separated. The cremation service has very stringent internal quality control procedures that are followed meticulously with each pet cremated. The Individual Cremation selection also includes a beautiful clay paw print of your pet.  Please ask about our 8 standard urn return package options.
Small Cats and Dogs 0-49 lbs$750.00
Medium Dogs 50-99 lbs$875.00
Large Dogs 100-124 lbs$1000.00
Extra Large Dogs 125-149 lbs$1075.00
Giant Dogs >150 lbsPlease Call


Custom Paw Prints - First$65.00
Each Additional$40.00
Fur ClippingNo charge
Ink paw/nose printNo charge

Additional Fees

Extended Travel Within Service Area$25 - $50
Evening Appointments after 4 PM (if available)$150
Weekend Appointments (if available)$200
Aggressive Pet Fee (at Dr. Feldman's discretion)$100

Willed Body Donation For Aftercare

If interested, please inquire about W.A.V.E.- “Willed deceased Animals for Veterinary Education” at Western University of Health Sciences Veterinary School in Pomona, CA. This donation program is similar to human body donation for education that occurs at human medical schools. At commencement, your pet’s remains will be cremated based on your wishes of communal or private cremation (weight restrictions) at no cost to you. Please contact us if interested to find out if your pet is a candidate and to fill out additional paperwork for the school.

Wave Program-Willed Animal for Veterinary Education Donation Program

Fees for the WAVE program are cost of euthanasia plus $150 for transport/storage/coordination with the school, no cremation fee as the school will provide per the owner’s wishes.

Eligible pets must be less than 60 pounds and not have any diseases that are considered communicable to humans.

Additional Information:

The standard service area includes most cities in Orange County and the city of Long Beach. Extended travel within Orange County and Long Beach may incur an extra $25 - $50 charge. Unfortunately, we do not provide services in Los Angeles (except Long Beach), San Bernadino or Riverside Counties.  When available, evening appointments after 4 pm are an additional $150 and weekend appointments are additional $200. We do not charge if an assistant is needed. Short notice appointments, when available, are at no extra charge as well.

Living with Love

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. A Pet’s Farewell is honored to provide in home euthanasia for pets and owners in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Tustin, Long Beach, and the surrounding areas.

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