This is how it should ALWAYS be anxiety, no fear, and in their own environment!!! Dr. Feldman & her tech couldn't have been better or more empathetic!! I'm a nurse & have helped many a patient & family deal with end of life decisions & I REALLY do know the in's & out's of ALL of it....I will be sharing this with everyone as the best option both financially & emotionally!!! Thank you for this service!


Dr. Leah First, let me just thank you for how you handled a tough process. I know it wasn’t your first rodeo, but it was mine. You had wonderful compassion and empathy, and professionalism. You gave us time, but you didn’t linger at the moment of decision and you didn’t ask us questions we weren’t prepared to answer (such as “are you ready?”). Thank you. I wish we could know definitively what our little friends truly know and feel in that moment, but Roxie didn’t so much as flinch and for that I’m thankful. It was every bit as relaxed and peaceful as I could have hoped for when we made the decision to do this at home. ​ In terms of how we’re doing, yesterday was really tough. We brought Roxie home the month we moved in 15 years ago. Her absence has left a bigger hole than we ever imagined. I never realized how ingrained she was in my daily habits until the first day she wasn’t here, and every unconscious decision and action I’ve made or taken with her in mind was suddenly conscious. I took her absence much, much harder than I thought I would. I’ve been blessed to have a dog in my life since the day I was born, and I’ve been blessed that they’ve all lived long enough that Roxie was only the third covering 41 years. But she was the first that I brought home and cared for and had to make an end of life decision for. I don’t feel guilt about it, but I feel the weight of it. And I miss her. But we are doing better today than yesterday, and I know that will continue. We’ll be good. And in time, we’ll bring home another puppy. Thank you for what you do. It’s a gift


Making the decision to euthanize your pet is incredibly hard. Upon first contact via email and phone, Dr Leah was very compassionate and knowledgeable with our feelings and answered many questions to help us make this tough decision. When Dr Leah and Judy arrived, they spent time with us and our dog Zeke to make all of us feel comfortable. Every step of the process was done professionally with a warm and caring attitude. I don't believe it could have been a more comfortable setting. Thank you so much, Dr Leah, for helping us through this very sad event

Buck & Diana

A Parting Prayer: Dear Lord, please open your gates and call an angel to come escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge. Assign him to a place of honor, for Max has been. A faithful servant and has always done his best to please us.Bless the hands that send him to you, for they are doing so in love and compassion, freeing him from pain and suffering. Grant us all the strength to not dwell on our loss. Help us to remember the details of his life and the love he has shown us. And grant us the courage to honor Max by sharing those memories with others. Let Max remember us as well and let him know that we will always love him. And when it’s our time to pass over into your paradise,​ ​please allow Max to accompany those who will bring me home. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of his companionship and for the time we’ve all had together. Thank you, Lord, for granting us the strength to give Max to you now.


Dear Doctor Leah, Thank you so much for your gentle and compassionate care yesterday in helping Otto. Thanks to you both, his death was as beautiful as his life. He looked so peaceful and serene, he seemed so happy and content, all the suffering over. Your care and concern, including the beautiful blanket that you wrapped him in meant that in my time of great grief, I knew that he was being loved and cherished. I will highly recommend your excellent practice at every opportunity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fionnuala K.

Dr. Leah and Judy, Thank you very much for the thoughtful card. It made me smile tonight knowing that someone else was thinking about Purdy too. She was a wonderful dog and Ray and I are so grateful for the time you spent with her. We can never express how much your time meant to us. Thank you for the care and support.


I am so thankful that we found Dr. Leah – when it came time to release my beautiful dog from her suffering, Dr. Leah was empathetic and kind. She was quick to respond to my questions and when I was too upset to speak on the phone, she let me contact her via email. When she and her assistant came to our house, they were respectful of our grief and understood how difficult this decision was for us. My dog was able to be at home where she felt safe and was with her loving family members and fellow pets. Dr. Leah enabled us to provide a peaceful passing for my beloved companion of 13 years and I would strongly recommend her professionalism and caring service.

Janell K.

Dear Dr. Leah, There are no words to thank you properly for what you did for Hutchie. You allowed us to say good bye in the way he deserved. I’m so grateful to you.

Lisa & Todd

I just wanted to take the time to more properly thank you for all you did at the beginning of the month with Samson. It was such a difficult decision to put him down, but aside from him passing in his sleep, I can think of no better way for him to have gone. Everything was SO peaceful. I cannot thank you enough for making this extremely difficult process as easy and peaceful as possible. The brochures on grief you left behind were perfect, too. We’ve never had to grieve the loss of a dog before, and it was great to get some direction as we processed it all. The brochure on other animals grieving was helpful, too, as Maddie did exhibit some of the grieving behavior. I’m still dealing with the loss of Samson. I catch myself looking for him randomly, or thinking I hear him coming upstairs, or barking outside. It will probably take some time to fully heal, but I wanted to say thank you for the help you and your assistant were. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Feel free to use any of this on your site, or tweak it as you see fit. I’m going to make sure I write a good review on Yelp. I’ll tell my vet how great you were, too, because all the local vets recommend the same person for in-home euthanasia and I think you were the best choice.


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