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Coping with the Loss of a Pet During the Holidays


The loss of a beloved pet is never easy. If you are forced to say goodbye during or shortly before the holiday season, though, your grief may be especially painful. It is hard to feel joy and happiness when an important part of your family is no longer by your side. Struggling to manage your grief during the holiday season is perfectly normal and healthy, but there are some things you can do to make coping a little bit easier. From choosing pet cremation in Long Beach so you can keep your pet by your side even after they’re gone to reaching out for help from others, here are some tips for coping with the loss of a beloved pet during the holidays

Allow Yourself to Set Boundaries

It is okay if you are not feeling up to participating in your usual holiday traditions this year. While your friends and family members may expect you to celebrate the holidays as you would any other year, there is nothing wrong with setting boundaries and saying “no.” If you don’t feel up to hosting a Christmas Eve dinner, hanging up your outside lights, or participating in any other festivities this holiday season, it is perfectly acceptable to bow out and give yourself time to grieve. 

Find Ways to Still Include Your Furry Family Member

Just because your pet is physically gone doesn’t mean they can’t still be included in your holiday traditions. You could light a candle in honor of your deceased loved one or take turns sharing fond memories of them. You could also memorialize them by having a keepsake ornament made featuring their name and/or photo. If you normally give your pet Christmas gifts, consider making a donation to a local animal shelter in their honor instead. 

Consider Pet Cremation in Long Beach if You Have to Say Goodbye During the Holidays

If you are forced to say goodbye to your beloved pet during the holiday season, choosing to have them cremated could help ease your grief. When you choose pet cremation in Long Beach, you have the option of having your companion’s cremains returned to you. For many people, being able to bring their fur babies home again after their passing provides a great deal of comfort. You can also add a small amount of their ashes to a piece of jewelry, an ornament, etc. to create a keepsake that you will surely treasure for years to come. 

A Pet’s Farewell is here for those who are facing the loss of a pet this holiday season. We provide compassionate and humane euthanasia and pet cremation in Long Beach and can help you through this difficult process. Please contact us today to learn more.

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